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SFCC Catalog 2020-2021 
SFCC Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ARTS 2417 - Fashion Photography

Credits: 3

[Previously offered as: PHOT 248] Students will work with fashion models in studio and exterior environments to learn the art of professional fashion photography. Innovative approaches to using light, wind, make up and close-ups are but a few examples of technical manipulations that will be covered. The subject will be further explored by studying and analyzing historic and contemporary trends in fashion photography and how they reflect broader social realities. From Richard Avedon to heroin chic and Irving Penn to Calvin Klein ads a fascinating world awaits with a richness that extends far beyond the assumed parameters of this subject.

Prerequisite(s): ARTS 1410  or ARTS 2410 .
Offered: Occasionally.
One lecture hour, four lab hours.

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